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Her face was only the size of the palm of a hand, her facial features were all very exquisite, though unfortunately, her hair was disheveled, and along with a pair of sluggish eyes, it made her beauty like seem like a pearl which had been covered over with dust and dirt.

she had a face that still possessed the innocent look of a child. Although a tad malnourished and sickly, her eyes, however, were beautiful like the crescent moon in the night sky. With long eyelashes rising upwards, her facial features were all very exquisite. A natural-born beauty.

Introduction Edit

because she was slow she was treated as dead weight by the Ye Family and treated like trash the servant rejoiced to see her being beaten and the guards treated her the same. her first death was caused by her being unable to refute the guards accusing her of theft while she was only doing some cleaning, but being unable to refute due to her natural slowness she was beaten and died. upon waking up the massive cauldron which caused her death absorbed her left-over blood and was absorbed by her. becoming a "Cauldron like" birthmark in her palm.

Special Edit

starting from CH:14 she expanded the Red Myst Sky dimension and became the inheritor of the immortal Alchemist and The Venerable jade poison hand both those inheritances gave her a wealth of knowledge in the Medical and Poison Field.

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