Regular cultivation: works like pretty much any other Novel absorb energy and level it up the amount and purity reflect your overall level.

Spirit force: is limited and not every individual is able to wield it the measurement also differs it works by how heavy you can lift only by using spirit force the president of the alchemist association referred to senior alchemist as being able to lift mountains where 8th cauldron level is between 2 and 3 thousand Jin of weight.

Cultivation Level Edit

Level Chapter Details
Constitution Domain
1st Level 3 A Pill mixed in what was stuffed in her mouth during CH:1 when she was killed
2nd Level 4 Regular Cultivation
3rd Level 7 Regular Cultivation
4th Level Skipped Drinking a Large amount of Hundred Fruit Wine and passing out
5th Level 13 Drinking a Large amount of Hundred Fruit Wine and passing out
6th Level 28 With help of Xuan Yin Jade
7th Level Fire Yin Herb Grass
8th Level Fire Yin Herb Grass
9th Level 76 Regular Cultivation along with Fire Yin Herb Grass
Lower Celestial Realm
Beginning 111 Broke through after absorbing the energy from a Water elemental fragment
Intermediate 152 Broke through with the aid of Yin Yang Carps
Peak Skipped
Upper Celestial Realm
Beginning 236 With the help of Energy Core from Eighth Rank Lion King
Intermediate Skipped
Peak 362 Regular Cultivation
Dan Core Realm (Chaos Core)
Small Core 368 With the help of Chaos Cultivation Technique from her Step Father-Nie Feng
Big Core/Late Stage 549 Training in Star Cave
Reincarnation Realm
1st Stage 553 With the help of Heaven & Earth Matrix
2nd Stage 749 Training

Spirit force Level Edit

Level Novel chapter Circumstances
1 Cauldron NA Training the Fog (never confirmed the level)
2 Cauldron NA Training the Fog (never confirmed the level)
3 Cauldron 88 tested by the Alchemist association test
4 Cauldron 197 Gradually over time
5 Cauldron 215 Sucking out Spiritual Energy from Manager Chou
6 Cauldron 285 With the help of Wood Elemental Fragment
7 Cauldron 398 With the help of Dark Yin Energy from infected Plants
8 Cauldron 553 From Training in Star Cave Tunnel No.1
9 Cauldron 601 From Star Crystal
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