Treasures[edit | edit source]

Name Chapter Obtained Effect
Mysterious Black Cauldron 1 - Can refine Medicine to Spirit Liquid

- Can refine Impurities out of treasures

- Can refine multiple type of Material (Iron etc)

Miraculous Space: Red Mist Sky 4 Level one: CH4

- Can plant Weeds and plants - Limited to 1 Li in size

- Can Duplicated Planted specimens

- Can be used as a storing space

- 1 day outside is about 1 year inside

Level Two: CH112

- Rainbow Creek (Small river)

- 5 Acre of Land

- Energy boosted

Red Mist Codex 14 the Immortal Alchemist Inheritance
Ghost Sect’s thirteen needle manual 15 Venerable Jade Poison Hand Inheritance
Xuan Yin Jade 19 A Jade which Help absorb Yuan Energy dozen of time faster than usual. it was refined from the Xuan Yuan Jade by the "Consciousness" of the Mysterious black cauldron.
Flying Spirit Dagger 31 Obtained after it was used to try and kill her Grandfather
Method to create Demonic Ghost Miasma 89 Obtained after killing Master Lian Be (Evil alchemist)
Blood daggers 89 Obtained after killing Master Lian Be (Evil alchemist)
Ye nameless knowledge inheritance jade Jade made with his last soul whisp to share knowledge with Ye Ling Yue (was absorbed by the cauldron)
Phoenix Egg 106 Egg entrusted to Ye Ling Yu by the Phoenix parents in order to save the life of their child.
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